Benign Mesothelioma

Because mesothelioma lays dormant before it exhibits any form of symptoms, benign varieties of this condition are extremely rare. As asbestos particles accumulate in the stomach or lung lining, the thin membrane of cells that surround the exterior of the internal organs attempts to destroy the foreign invader. Tumors form on these membranes and in some cases press against the lungs or stomach, causing extreme pain. Fortunately, a benign tumor is easily remedied with surgery to remove the cancerous tissues. The only major complication of surgery is possible pleural effusion, which refers to pleural fluid leaking into the cavity around the lung, but it too is easily drained and not directly life threatening.

Benign mesothelioma tumor investigation.

Even though benign mesothelioma is not directly life threatening, it does reveal significant asbestos exposure. Doctors often use the appearance of benign mesothelioma as the launching point for an investigation to discover if a patient has any other asbestos-related conditions.

Benign mesothelioma tumor is non-cancerous.

Even though the tissue of a benign tumor is non-cancerous, it can still pose a threat to health if left untreated. Other serious asbestos conditions, such as asbestosis or benign pleural diseases, still pose serious threats to health and well being.

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