Mesothelioma Glossary of Terms

These terms are some of the most common associated with mesothelioma:

Alveoli – Tiny air sacs in the lungs that facilitate the oxygen/blood exchange. These are cells primarily affected by asbestosis.

Asbestos – Any number of the six naturally occurring fibrous minerals traditionally used for insulation in industry, construction, and textile manufacturing.

Asbestosis – A non-cancerous condition caused by asbestos exposure those results in severe fibrosis and destruction of lung tissue.

Benign – a cancerous growth that does not present a danger to other tissues.

Cancer – uncontrolled cell growth usually caused by a mutation of cellular DNA. Cancer is either benign or malignant.

Chemotherapy – Drugs that treat cancerous growths by destroying cancer cells, but unfortunately kills healthy cells as well.

Gene therapy – an innovative treatment that affects the way the body recognizes cancerous cells.

Malignant – a cancerous growth that will cause damage to the body if left untreated.

Mesothelioma – A terminal cancer of the cell membrane surrounding the lungs, abdomen, and heart.

Mesothelium – a membrane of cells that covers several internal organs and body cavities that secretes a lubricating fluid that aids in proper movement.

Metastasize – when a cancerous growth invades a healthy organ or tissue from a diseased organ or tissue

Multimodal therapy – using more than one treatment to attack mesothelioma cells

Pericardium – the sac that contains the heart and produces fluid which allows the heart to move easily.

Peritoneum – a membrane that surrounds the abdominal cavity which secretes a fluid that lubricates the stomach and intestines to ensure proper cushioning and movement.

Pleura – the membrane that surrounds the lungs that secretes a fluid which allows the lungs to move as they inhale and exhale.

Radiation therapy – Use of high energy to destroy the genetic material inside cancer cells.

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