Surgery for Mesothelioma

Once mesothelioma has taken hold over your body, nothing can stop it. There are a few procedures doctors can pursue in order to alleviate some suffering, but there is no cure. Different courses of action are available for different types of mesothelioma. The nature of pleural mesothelioma is that it usually affects one lung before the other, which gives doctors a bit more freedom to try several different procedures.

For example, if a lung is infected with mesothelioma, a doctor may pursue several surgical options:

These options can be difficult on the patient, but they can sometimes extend both the length and quality of life for a mesothelioma victim. Pleurectomy/decortication

which removes part of the infected lung and the surrounding chest lining. This reduces the size of the tumor and relieves some off the pressure exerted onto the chest cavity. This procedure is only to relieve pain, for it rarely has any effect on patient survival


involves total lung removal. Gone is the lung, the lining that surrounds it, and some of the support tissues. This surgery is only attempted in the most drastic cases to attempt to relieve the pain of mesothelioma.


drains excess fluid from the lungs via a needle. This is done to aid breathing and reduce the pressure on the lungs.

Ultimate surgery for mesothelioma

The most drastic surgery is called an extrapleural pneumonectomy. This complicated procedure requires a relatively healthy patient and a major surgical theater. It must be preformed very early in mesothelioma stages, and involves the total removal of the linings that surround the lung, heart and diaphragm to prevent it from infection with mesothelioma. It is usually preformed as part of a treatment that includes radiation and chemotherapy. This drastic procedure often requires a year to recover, and potentially extends life a few more years, but is not a cure.

Surgeries for other types of mesothelioma

For patients suffering from peritoneal and pericardial mesothelioma, surgery generally involves similar procedures such as tissue removal.  These drastic measures are often effective in relieving short-term pain and discomfort, but they will not cure this deadly disease.

Surgery for mesothelioma is an expensive and debilitating last resort for people suffering from this deadly disease.  Unfortunately, these procedures often surpass the amounts many insurance companies are willing to pay, and thus the many families are forced to decide between burdening themselves with enormous debt or consigning their loved ones to unimaginable suffering. 

More and more people are discovering that legal action can help cover these extraordinary costs and make a difference for those suffering from mesothelioma.  Let our dedicated and experienced mesothelioma attorneys help you pursue justice and get you the compensation you deserve.  Contact us today.

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